Harmony Junction: A Meeting Place of Scotland’s Barbershop Choruses

Scotland has kept the tradition of Barbershop music alive and thriving and various events show its popularity. A form of vocal melody that was started as early as 1800s, still draws a huge number of enthusiasts and singers. A product of African and American influence, it was first associated with The American Four and The Hamtown Students who were black southern quartets.

Going on for a long time, the Harmony Junction event of Scotland is one stellar example of the tradition. The weekend long event gives a unique opportunity for the choruses in Scotland to meet and present their talents. It also draws a huge crowd of guests who have a merry time during the two day musical event. Many people from all Scotland are coming to this exciting music festival and visit famous places, clubs and also gambling houses. Today, it became even easier to have some fun by trying out such popular review source ValleyGames, providing useful tips on the best online casino, rather than looking for a real one.

Harmony Junction: A Gala Barbershop Music Extravaganza

Origin and History

The inspiration for the event was conceived in 1996 from the Mel Knight Roadshow hosted by the Fynesiders Chorus (Tarbert).

The first Harmony Junction was started in 1997 in Fort William and was a huge success. From then, the event has been hosted every year in places like Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is organized by the The Fynesiders who have around twenty five members in their chorus.

The program is a meeting ground of the five men’s choruses in Scotland- Granite City Chorus from Aberdeen, The Fynesiders from Tarbert, Close Shave Chorus from Glasgow, The Rolling Hills Chorus from Edinburgh and Perth Barbershop Singers from Perth.

Close Shave Chorus from Glasgow

All the choruses are well known in Scotland and conduct various tours and concerts all year round.


In recent years, the even has been held at the Atholl Palace Hotel. Set in the small town of Pitlochry, the location is perfect for the musical event overlooking the Scottish highlands. The Victorian era property has a splendid Scottish Baronial architecture and offers luxurious accommodation to the guests.

Sometimes different locations are also chosen depending on circumstances.

The Event

The event is attended by hundreds of people who can meet up with their old friends and make new ones. Choruses and quartets are coached by experts in Barbershop style harmony singing who prove their worth in live performances.

People from all walks of life participate in harmony Junction. There are doctors, teachers, rugby players, shepherds and businessmen bringing their larynxes to life. Enthusiasts are of all ages- there are teenagers 16 years old as well as veterans of 65 years.

The fun factor is always present and a lot of laughter and good times flow in along with sumptuous meals and drinks. The most awaited part of the event is the performance of the Harmony Junction Chorus. A lot of coaching and practicing give shape to the final performance.

There are also many performances by quartets and also by female Barbershop choruses. Many additional activities and competitions also keep the guests engaged during the two days.

After a fun and music filled weekend, the choruses and guests leave the venue with a wait of one year. The Harmony Junction is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and popular music even in Scotland.